GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder (5 packs)


GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder (5 packs)

The fastest and most effective hack to stimulate root growth and start new plants from cuttings. Rapid Rooting Powder!



  • Quick root development.  This solution promotes quick root development faster and healthier growth of new roots from cuttings.
  • Save money on plants. Grow new plants from your existing plants, save money on a new plant. It’s made for rooting leaf, greenwood, and softwood cuttings from the house, foliage, tropical, and hardy ornamental plants.


  • Easy to use. Simply take plant cuttings, usually 4 to 6-inch stem cuttings, from the current year’s growth and dip stem cutting into powder. Plant immediately while moist. Enjoy your new plants!


  • Safe and natural ingredients. Contains 90% Naphthaleneacetic acid, organic compound, plant nutrients, and trace minerals. Also infused with natural growth hormones, that all help with rapid rooting to both wet and dry plants.


  • Works for all rooted plants. The powder works for all kinds of rooted plants including vegetables, indoor & outdoor plants. It promotes the survival rate of transplanted plants and flourishes even in unfavorable weather.


  • Net Weight: 0.03kg (0.07lb.)


  • Dissolve one pack of powder in 1-2 litres of water. Take your plant cutting and dip the cut end into the solution for 1-2 hours.
  • To stimulate plant growth, dissolve another packet of the powder in 10 litres of water and spray to the plant once a week until roots are well established.
  • For irrigation use: Dissolve one pack of powder in 2 litres of water and irrigate every 2 months.
  • For germination: Dissolve one pack of powder with 4-5 litres of water and submerge the seed for 6-8 hours. Remove and rinse the seed.


  • Ingredients: naphthalene acetic acid (sodium) , indole acetic acid, indole butyric acid (potassium), naphthoxyacetic acid, phenol compounds.


  • 5 packs x Rapid Rooting Powder (10g)
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