GlamStay+ Makeup Setting Spray


GlamStay+ Makeup Setting Spray

Lock in the Glamour, Every Day All Day

Flawlessness in a Spray: Customers Share Their GlamStay+ Experience

“As my wedding day drew near, I tried numerous setting sprays until I discovered GlamStay+. I was truly amazed at how effectively it preserved my makeup throughout the chaotic (and emotional) day. I felt like a glowing bride every instant, and my photos serve as evidence.!” – Emma W., Seattle, WA –

“My concerns about my oily T-zone have persisted, yet GlamStay+ has shown its remarkable ability in managing shine and maintaining my makeup’s flawlessness. It’s become a daily essential, and the boost in confidence it provides is truly invaluable.” – Natalie S., Houston, TX 

Conquer the Makeup Endurance Challenge with Setting Sprays

Elevate your makeup routine with setting sprays – the essential secret for achieving impeccable, long-lasting looks. These mystical marvels lock in your artistry, battling sweat, humidity, and the elements. Form an invisible shield that safeguards your makeup from morning to night, empowering your confidence to shine without smudges. Embrace the enchanting power of setting sprays – your ultimate beauty companion day and night.

GlamStay+ Makeup Setting Spray: Sparking Brilliance in Beauty


Introducing the next level of makeup perfection: GlamStay+ Makeup Setting Spray. Ignite your appearance with the enchantment of Micro Glitter Quicksand magic, crafting a captivating three-dimensional sparkle that’s uniquely yours. Our groundbreaking spray formulation gently encapsulates your masterpiece, forming a water-resistant shield. From sunrise to sunset, revel in makeup that remains resolute. Feel the radiance of confidence as your artistry shimmers. Empowering you to command the spotlight – for every gaze, every instant is a work of art. Embrace being extraordinary, embrace luminance. Your beauty, magnified.

Direction For Use

  1. Finish Makeup: After you’ve completed your makeup application, take a final moment to inspect and ensure that you’re content with your appearance.
  2. Hold and Spritz: Hold the GlamStay+ spray approximately 8-10 inches away from your face and evenly mist in both a T-shape and X-shape pattern.
  3. Let It Set: Give the spray a brief moment to naturally set and dry. No need to touch or pat.


  • Type: makeup setting spray
  • Target User: women
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Net Content: 120 ml

Product Includes

  • 1 x GlamStay+ Makeup Setting Spray

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