Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions


Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Instantly transform and get extend your nails with  Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions!

Let’s Hear it from Our Satisfied Customers!

“My nails have been bugging me out whenever I try to grow them longer because they break easily. I use Glamouré™ fiberglass extensions to strengthen and repair them and provide me longer-looking nails. I love how it dries fast and they’re the most natural looking nail extension product I have tried so far! The product is made well and I am happy with my purchase!” – Gianna Pauldon

“I bought this specifically for the intention of utilizing it to mend my damaged nails without the expensive maintenance at the salon. I love how easy it is to apply the non-woven silk along with the bonding gel as a connecting structure to the nail surface. My nails achieved enough stability to endure for a period of 3 months and 2 pedicures! Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions has indeed demonstrated to be a convenient approach for maintaining the appearance of my nails.” – Madison Becker

Reinforce your Nails with Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Are you tired of spending your valuable time and hard-earned money on acrylic nail extensions that are both fragile and costly? Look no further, as Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions remains the latest trend, offering you the most authentic and durable nail extension option available!

Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions employ an incredibly lightweight silk fiber, leading to the creation of nails that are both robust and adaptable. The elegance of the fiber is conventionally slimmer than acrylic, contributing to a remarkably genuine appearance that results in exquisite and elongated nails. You can put aside concerns about nail harm, in contrast to traditional rigid acrylic materials that may lead to nail issues over time. With Glamouré™, nail growth remains unhindered and unaffected.

PACKAGE SPECIFICATION: Material (Fiberglass): High-Quality Fiberglass

  • Length: 8 x 4cm /pc
  • Net Content (Fiber Builder Gel): 8ml


  • Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions (10PCS)
  • Glamouré™ Fiber Builder Gel (8ml)
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