Fivfivgo™ Turmaline ion ice silk magnetic

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Fivfivgo™ Turmaline ion ice silk magnetic

Alicia Michaels from Brooklyn, New York showed us her incredible results with our latest product!

“In the short amount of time I have been using these panties I have seen incredible results on my weight loss journey!  This product really helped me burn fat and get rid of my excess weight! Besides, it is made of ice silk fabric, very comfortable and breathable. Very suitable for wearing in hot summer, I feel so light and much better! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”  

Cher Watson from Reno, Nevada   shared her experiences with our product:

“I absolutely love these ice silk briefs. They flatter my waist effortlessly and I have seen a significant reduction in my waist size of almost 6 inches in one month ! The material is incredibly soft and stretchy , allowing me to move easily and comfortably.” All day long. The most amazing thing is that they helped smooth out and minimize any bulge around my waist without requiring any extra effort on my part ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Why is fat stored faster in the stomach?

Belly fat is typically caused by an excessive amount of body fat. But a   sedentary lifestyle combined with a poor diet and little exercise helps to enlarge localized fat cells, making belly fat more visible.   With age, the amount of belly fat increases. even though they don’t gain weight. This can be due to poor blood circulation and a slowdown in metabolism as we age.

Poor digestion and poor circulation  can accelerate fat storage in the abdomen.  Poor digestion and circulation slow down the body’s metabolism and organ function. When your organs aren’t at their best, it slows calorie burning and weight loss, leading to more fat deposits in your abdomen.

The size of the fat cells depends on the distance between   the fat cells   and   the blood vessels   and   the oxygen concentration in the blood  .

Fivfivgo™   tourmaline ion ice silk magnetic, antibacterial and body shaping briefs    promote oxygenation and blood flow to specific muscle groups. Reduces swelling caused by accumulation of lymphatic fluid (lymphedema). The pressure makes it easier for the lymph veins to transport the trapped lymph fluid.

When your organs aren’t in tip-top shape, calorie burning and weight loss slows    , leading to more fat deposits in your abdomen and damage to your heart, kidneys, liver, digestive system, and skin. That’s a result that many people don’t want to see.

The role of ions in weight loss

IONs do an incredible job of improving blood flow and blood flow throughout the body.  It supplies the entire body and all organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function optimally.

It also helps to boost and improve the body’s digestive function.  This allows the body to burn calories faster , breaking them down efficiently and converting them into usable energy that we can use for exercise and exercise. The rate at which we lose weight will continue to increase.      

As you learn more about   sleep and blood circulation  , you may find the following: During sleep, blood pools in the chest and abdomen, causing increased pressure on the chest or abdomen. and when there is insufficient blood flow to the chest and abdomen, they become less active. That’s why you will feel more active, energetic and younger after using Fivfivgo™ Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Anti-Bacterial & Body Shaping Briefs.

What does the  Fivfivgo™  Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Anti-Bacterial & Body Shaping Slip do and how does it work?

Our  Fivfivgo™ tourmaline ion ice silk magnetic, antibacterial and body shaping briefs are infused with a comfortable unique fiber that emits IONs that aid in weight loss all over the body. It also has body shaping properties that will help you achieve the perfect shape for your body without much effort !    

Far infrared radiation is  beneficial  to  human health , can promote cell metabolism, regulate hormone secretion, and increase cell vitality. At the same time, negative ions can   decompose and expel harmful substances and toxins in the blood,  which helps to purify the internal environment and accelerate the body’s metabolism, which   can make people feel more comfortable when wearing it.   

A pair of absinthe-soaked briefs attached around tourmaline through a special process can release thujone and negative ions. Far infrared therapy combined with absinthe therapy can help you     relieve   pain in different parts of your body, relax muscles in different places, and reduce inflammation  . With long-term observation, gynecological diseases such as   itching, odor, menstrual disorders, uterine fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome can be prevented and treated. It can even prevent cervical cancer  .

Ice fabric is a kind of compacted polyviscose fiber, which has much better moisture absorption and breathability than ordinary viscose fibers, and also has better shape retention and drapability.

Get rid of belly fat and lift your hips with  Fivfivgo™  Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic, antibacterial and body shaping briefs!

With the help of the IONs radiated by the Unique Fiber  and the  seamless one-piece compression body contouring features of our shaper, you can lose weight, burn fat and shape your hips. And it’s possible because of the concentration of IONs around your waist that target belly fat and the shaping properties of our briefs’ compression fit.        

Antibacterial properties keep your private parts clean!

Our shaper also has   antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from entering and living in your private parts.   This helps prevent bacteria from building up, which helps prevent infection and other hygiene issues in your private parts.    

All our products are made of 100% natural materials that can be used in your daily life without any problems and contribute to gynecological health!

🔺They are not only fashionable and sexy, but also protective!
🔺This panty has many benefits for women: it helps them keep their curves and look sexy and attractive, besides, it works well for them and makes them more confident!
🔺We also launched women’s health briefs that can be used with any size bra and can be adjusted to fit different sizes.
🔺They give women a healthier body and a better life!

What Makes  Fivfivgo™  Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Antibacterial Body Shaping Briefs the Perfect Solution?

✅ Promotes weight loss
✅ Helps burn fat
✅ Increases blood flow and circulation
✅ Improves digestive function
✅ Shapes waist and hips
✅ Emits IONS

✅ Helps effectively with gynecological problems.
✅ Prevents the formation of bacteria.
✅ Antibacterial Grade AAA MicroNylon Material.
✅ Seamless design

Here are more of our satisfied customers who loved the  Fivfivgo™  Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Anti-Bacterial & Body Shaping Briefs:

Claire Sun  from   Cincinnati, Ohio  shared  her experiences with our product:

“I was amazed at how easy it was. I didn’t have to change my diet or my daily routine. I just   wore the ice silk panties  all day  and the grease melted away instantly leaving me completely styled. After that.”  It makes me feel a lot   more confident and sexy  . The material is extremely soft and   does not irritate the skin  .” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Melinda Hall  from   San Francisco, California  shared  her experiences with our product:

As   a new mom,  I was excited to welcome my baby into the world, but not so excited about the stretch marks that came with it. I’ve tried all sorts of creams and oils but nothing seemed to make a difference. Until I  discovered Fivfivgo™   ice silk briefs.  Not only are they   comfortable and breathable , but also feature a unique blend of materials that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. After just a few weeks of wearing it, I noticed a significant improvement in my complexion. The stretch marks disappeared and my confidence grew every day. Now I swear by Fivfivgo™ Ice Silk Panties as a must-have item for new moms looking to reclaim their bodies and confidence. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

how to use

To get the most out of your Fivfivgo™ Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Anti-Bacterial & Body Shaping Briefs, you should wear them as often as possible, preferably every day.  They are designed to be worn all day and can be worn under or over your regular clothing.


  • Materials: Unique fiber, AAA grade antibacterial MicroModal
  • One Size: Elastic, fits most body types
  • Seamless, one-piece compression construction
  • High elasticity, fits all sizes (80-320 pounds)

package includes

  • 1 x Tourmaline Ion Ice Silk Magnetic Antibacterial Body Shaping Panties (Black/Skin Tone/Pink/Blue)
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