Detoxification and Slimming LI4 Acupressure Point Clip


Detoxification and Slimming LI4 Acupressure Point Clip

It helps you detoxify your body from all the impurities, get in shape in 4-8 weeks

Before introducing the product, let’s meet the customers that are highly satisfied…

“I always suffered from belly fat and bloating. When I saw it I didn’t have high expectations as everyone is different and what works for someone might not work for another. But a couple of days after I started use Detoxification and Slimming LI4 Acupressure Point Clip. I noticed that my belly size went down and not only that but I felt that I’m not bloated anymore and overall felt better. I guess it helped with my digestion too.I use it for 30 minutes a day. It worked great and I feel better now.”

Jody Griffin, 28, Chesapeake, Virginia

 “When I reached my mid thirties, I noticed my body started changing a bit. There was definitely increased fat, especially on my belly and flab was building up on my waist. I went through a lot of products to find something that would get rid of those issues and this one is the absolute best I’ve tried! It has kept my skin soft and firm, eliminating those crepe and bulges that become obvious as we age. This is my go to weight loss accessory now!!Thanks!!”

Vincent Blake, 34, Seattle, Washington

Why does our body need to detoxify?

The accumulation of toxins can lead to obesity.obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, several forms of cancer (such as breast, colon and prostate), pulmonary, osteoarticular and metabolic diseases. .That’s why it’s vital to undergo regular detoxes to make sure your body can function at its best and help prevent disease.
Unhealthy lifestyles like eating junk food could also be a cause of toxic build-up in our bodies and this makes it difficult for our bodies to function well. The collection of toxic makes our body more vulnerable to catch fat pain, fever, and other body problems.
Can acupoint therapy help with weight loss?
Acupoint therapy is a very effective new method of weight loss. Its purpose is to promote weight loss and body conditioning by stimulating acupoints and running along lymphatic vessels, so as to enhance blood, stimulate energy flow and maintain physical health.


  • Color: Blue, Green
Package Includes:
  • 1 pair of Detoxification and Slimming LI4 Acupressure Point Clips (2pcs)

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