Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager

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Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager

Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager

“I’ve been super overweight all my life and I want to turn my life back around and become healthier. However, dieting and working out doesn’t work for me. Luckily, I bought the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager and I lost about 12 pounds in just a few months! And this massager is so comfy! I love using this so much.” -Gemma, 34, Boston
“I’ve always had a curvy figure and wanted to look slim down to use my figure as an asset. Luckily, the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager helped me drop those pounds without exercising much. I lost about 20 pounds in just half a year; I noticed that I detoxed more which led me to lose more weight. I highly recommend the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager for a healthy yet quick weight loss!” -Dionna, 29, Compton 

What is Micropulse Oscillation Technology?
Micropulse Oscillation Technology is a revolutionary weight loss, slimming, and fat-burning technology that works with the body’s natural system to help you burn calories, boost metabolism, and decrease body fat.
  • Helps lose weight with minimal to no physical activity and no dieting required
  • Aids with rapid weight loss without the accompanying negative effects such as dizziness, weakness, and muscle loss
  • Helps break down fat deposits on your arms, legs, stomach, and thighs/
  • Decreases fatty deposits, resulting in firmer and flatter bodies
  • Dilates blood vessels which improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Detoxing
  • Tones musclesWhat is the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager? Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager is the perfect solution for a luxurious, yet effective deep tissue massage that lifts away unwanted fat! With the hand-held applicator, users can reach targets all over their body and achieve maximum benefits within minutes.


  • Uses Micropulse Oscillation Technology which breaks down fat deposits;
  • This leads to significant weight loss;
  • 10x more effective than a calorie deficit
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow which accelerates detoxification;

  • Enhances metabolism and prevents fat storage
  • The Micropulse Oscillation Technology emulates light exercise which would leave your muscles toned over time
  • This leads to weight loss
  • Can be used multiple times a day
  • Relaxing massage for deep relaxation

Yanna used to be overweight and has tried everything to keep those numbers down. She found salvation with the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager and now she’s at a healthy weight.Before Use
“I’ve always been a big girl and I just thought I had a slower metabolism and choked up my weight loss on genetics. I’ve tried just about every weight-loss diet and exercise regimen out there but none worked; it only left my body tired and battered from calorie deficit and intense exercise. And now, I’ve been using them for about two weeks and I love the results! It’s so easy to use and I can feel that it reduced my belly size!”

After Use 
“I dropped a total of 38 pounds within just the first six months of use! I didn’t have to exercise or consciously diet. I just started eating less but not feeling sick from the weight loss. I noticed by the months that my clothes started to become looser and looser to the point I was halfway down my original size and that my thighs and arms were way more toned and muscled than before!  I also love that the Deep Tissue Hand-Held Body Massager has a soft towel brush that doesn’t make my skin red or irritated when I use it for extended periods. All in all, I highly recommend this for people who want to lose weight.”

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