Convenient automatic measuring cup with special discount


Convenient automatic measuring cup with special discount

Looking for a multi-functional kitchen tool? Wish granted! Introducing our innovative combination of a measuring cup, thermometer, and scale all in one. Experience the convenience of this versatile and compact kitchen utensil.

The smart measuring cup does it all! Measure ingredients in various units and get accurate temperature readings. Ideal for recipes with specific liquid temperature requirements.

With its clear digital screen, the smart measuring cup provides precise measurements for those conscious about portion control or on a diet. Easily switch between units by pressing the mode button.

Simplify your measuring experience with this innovative tool! Its handle features a convenient LCD screen for quick and clear measurements. The smart measuring cup automatically converts 5 common ingredients from weight to volume. It also includes handy features like auto tare/add, low battery warning, and auto-off function. Cleaning is a breeze – simply hand wash with warm, soapy water and let it air dry.

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