Collagen Firming Mask


Collagen Firming Mask

A brand-new highly concentrated essence jelly mask.

Promote the regeneration of skin collagen all night.


Collagen Firming Mask is in refreshing gel jelly texture that is easy for skin absorptionPromote your regeneration of skin collagen to effectively solve skin problems, such as smile lines, lacrimal grooves, necklines, and sunken cheeks.

  Consist 2 key Ingredients against aging

1. Matrixyl Synthe’6
2. Syn Tacks

Matrixyl Synthe’6 is a peptide that can significantly increase the synthesis of the six major components of the skin matrix and dermo to epidermal junction. It can even out the skin and smooth wrinkles from the inside by skin rebuilding, particularly on the crow’s feet and forehead. Applications of a formulation containing Matrixyl synthe’6 for 5 days. Types I, III, and IV collagen are increased respectively by 105%, 104%, and 42% significantly.

Syn Tacks is the protein structure of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) to provide functional and structural integrity to the skin, but this function begins to decline around age 30. The DEJ will become flatter and less organized when aging and leading to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Syn Tacks restore DEJ function by activating hemidesmosome protein synthesis to increases elasticity, suppleness, and firmness of your skin within weeks.


“I have never seen such a quick response to my skin. Hard to be specific, it just looks and feels more youthful which is pretty impressive.” Majella Bennett

“I am in my 50s with sun damage on my skin! My skin is smooth, hydrated and calm after I use this and my skin loves it! 😊” Debbie Meldrum

“This one has definitely helped improve my large pores improved on dry areas on cheeks. 💖Definitely brightens and tightens. Will continue to use this magic stuff. 🥰” Kirstie Dittrich

5 points makes PuriMe special:

High concentration essence

Collagen Firming Mask contains a highly concentrated essence that can boost collagen production, repair and soothe damaged skin, provide abundant moisture throughout the day. It can tighten facial lines and shape facial contours in Long-term usage, it’s an effective anti-aging serum.

Enriching Ingredients

With its mucin from collagen, natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid, natural plant extracts, antioxidant vitamin C, and ceramide, Collagen Firming Mask can deeply provide moisture and instantly nourish your skin. Repairing, improving skin fine lines, and soothing skin dehydration throughout the day.

Sleeping mask

Collagen Firming Mask is also a sleep mask to care for your skin all night and does not require washing. Let your skin restore moisture and fight aging when you are sleeping. Use it for the long term for better effect and significant results.

Suitable for all skin types

Collagen Firming Mask is formulated with hypoallergenic and natural skin-loving ingredients. The lightweight, rich, and oil-free texture can be absorbed quickly. It’s suitable for sensitive, dry, and oily skin types, also great for both men and women.

Individual packaging

Collagen Firming Mask in an independent vacuum packaging is convenient and hygienic. It avoids oxidation of active essence in the air to preserve the active concentrated essence completely.

  How to use

  1. After cleansing the skin, take out one stripe of Collagen Firming Mask.
  2. Spread evenly on the face and neck and sleep directly without washing it.
  3. Wake up the next day and clean the skin normally.

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