CH-2 Press Type Electric Connection Quick Wiring Terminal


CH-2 Press Type Electric Connection Quick Wiring Terminal

SAFETY. After connection, not easy to break, high temperature resistance, unlike the previous tape, lit at a stroke.

INDEPENDENT DESIGN. No interference, using insulation flame retardant material and circlip structure, avoiding wires fall off , arcing, dustproof and moisture-proof.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Saving time and effort. Hold down the item and press the terminal and put the peeled wires into the terminal, finally loose hands and finish the connection.

MULTIPURPOSE. Widely used in lighting, power and wiring, motor, electrical control, household appliances,machinery and wire joints.

NOTICE: Please use it in the rated range. Do not connect high power electrical.

Product description

Rated Voltage & Current: 250V, 6A;
Model: CH-2 (2 Positions)

Material: PA66 flame retardant material + copper conductor

Wiring mode:Plug and pull type wiring

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