Car Windscreen Sunshade – Folding Windscreen Car UV Protection

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Car Windscreen Sunshade – Folding Windscreen Car UV Protection

Limited surprise, capsule gift box!

  • Lightweight and portable: weighs only 400 g

  • Enhanced version with reinforced sun protection

Car Windscreen Sunshade is made of silver titanium rubber + carbon nano-bumping fabric, with UV blocking rate up to 99%.

  • The umbrella mast can be retracted to less than 10CM, the cooling effect of the car is very good

  • Perfectly compatible with rearview mirrors, ETC bumpers, full coverage.

  • Silver nano titanium coating, 0 translucent, cool inside the car.

Good product, good details

  • Rounded umbrella handle made of soft TPE rubber without damaging the interior

  • Black galvanized steel, hard texture, more resistant to corrosion

  • 10 skeleton, solid support, more stable


  1. Product material: Umbrella surface: silver titanium rubber + tactile fabric; Umbrella bone: electric with black steel bone.
  2. Net product weight: about 0.400kg
  3. Size:145x79cm
  4. Suitable for car models:Suitable for most vehicles such as crossovers, minivans, minivans, utility, mini trucks, vans, etc.

Package Contents

1* Car Windscreen Sunshade +1*Capsule Case

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