Anti-snore Tooth Guard Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece


Anti-snore Tooth Guard Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece



    • Tired of restless nights and excessive fatigue that comes with sleep apnea? No matter how much you sleep, you wake up drained and dreading your day.
    • The result? Your work suffers, you distance yourself from loved ones, and you’re left with no energy for anything else.
    • Long term, this can lead to severe depression, strokes, heart failure, or even premature death.
    • The Anti-snore Tooth Guard Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece eliminates sleep apnea at the root by perfectly positioning your jaw where air can flow through. You’ll sleep better overnight!
  • Ready To Use

The Mouthpiece is ready to use out of the box. No need to visit a specialist or boil and mold the mouthpiece since it’s fully adjustable.

  • Breathe & Drink Easily

The Mouthpiece is built for maximum comfort and results. You can breathe through your mouth while you sleep and easily drink water or talk with on.

  • Bring It Anywhere You Go

Our portable case makes traveling with our lightweight Mouthpiece super convenient. Feel relief anywhere and at any time.

  • How Does It Work?
  • You may have tried other sleep apnea treatments that failed to deliver. It’s not your fault that you’re still suffering; they don’t address the root cause.
  • During sleep, the back of your throat relaxes too much, leading to muscle collapse and airway blockage. This can result in awakening with choking and gasping for air.
  • Our Mouthpiece gently positions your jaw forward in the optimal sleep position. Widening your airway, ensuring better oxygen flow, and ending sleep apnea.
  • Wear it before sleeping and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed!


  • Material: Silicone

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.
  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 

Package includes

  • An Anti-snore Tooth Guard Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece
  • A Covering Case

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