AirFlow® Botanical Extracts Burst Beads Patch-Can lose weight and protect gut health


AirFlow® Botanical Extracts Burst Beads Patch-Can lose weight and protect gut health

This study has gone down in history

In the study conducted by the United States Institute of Obesity and Health, 5,000 women and men with varying degrees of overweight participated. For 30 days they underwent an innovative weight loss treatment, which consisted of the use of a special patch on a selected part of the body. The results surprised the creators of this method themselves. It turned out that:

Scientists around the world are inanimate: we are facing a great advance in natural methods to treat overweight. There are also voices calling it a “fat burner” and “calorie eater”.

Our products have helped 3,270,000+ people around the world.

“As someone in my 40s, I put on so much weight that it really took a toll on my confidence. However, after only 8 weeks of using the AirFlow® Botanical Extracts Burst Beads Patch, I’m happy to say that my problems were resolved Relief! I had a hard time controlling my appetite before using it and after using it my appetite is under control. But that’s not all – I also noticed a significant improvement in my digestive system and my metabolism Boost, it makes me feel so much better about myself. My co-workers seem to like me even more. I highly recommend it to anyone with obesity or related issues.


Ezequiel Reid, 44, Fresno, California

I am a 42 year old car salesman from Queens, NY. Bullied at school as a child, with an unstable family life, I comforted myself with diet, and I have been overweight my whole life. Overeating had serious consequences, my body became bloated and I fell into the trap. After my rapid weight loss, my skin became very saggy. This led me to a lot of product treatments, but none worked until I tried this AirFlow® Botanical Extracts Burst Beads Patch. In just a few days, my cellulite has improved significantly, the flesh on my stomach has begun to tighten, even the fat on my belly has faded, and my skin is as firm as ever! Right? One of my best purchases and will definitely buy again! ! !

Usage Guide:

  • place the patch on the navel
  • Gently press the patch with your fingers to break the microcapsules
  • Used once a day, a single patch can be used for 8 hours
  • It is recommended to use it continuously for more than 28 days

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