AEXZR™ Plastic Leather Restorer


AEXZR™ Plastic Leather Restorer

Interior Detailer

AEXZR™ Plastic Leather Restorer is the most versatile detailer you will ever need. AEXZR™ S3 can be used on both coated and non-coated vehicle interiors for tremendous results. Use it to clean and protect a multitude of interior hard surfaces including plastics, painted plastics, vinyl, imitation leather, plastic vinyl, door panels and more. Use AEXZR™ S3 as a maintenance product or simply to add protection to the surfaces that you and the elements are the hardest on your interior! The durable UV protectants within AEXZR™ S3 mean advanced resistance against fading on that dashboard baking in the hot sun so your interior stays pristine longer.


Ceramic protection for inside your car
Achieve an even new-look finish in seconds!
Ceramic self-cleaning properties reduces surface dust.
Effortlessly apply durable ceramic protection
Shield against UV rays and the elements
Non greasy new look factory matte finish
Provides UV protection.
Removes light dust, fingerprints, smudges, and grime.

Versatile Extreme Shine Formula

AEXZR™ sealant technology repels the harsh UV light and extreme heat that damages, cracks, and fades and damages plastic and rubber parts, helping them look new for longer. AEXZR™ S3 interior coating finishes dry to the touch and will not attract dirt or dust. The refined formula penetrates deep to nourish the material and leaves no residue to smear or streak over nearby surfaces.

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