ADAS HD High-Quality Dash Cam

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ADAS HD High-Quality Dash Cam

Experience enhanced safety and reliable video recording on the road with our ADAS HD High-Quality Dash Cam. Designed to provide clear and detailed footage, this dash cam is a valuable addition to your vehicle.

Equipped with advanced driver assistance system, it offers added peace of mind during your journeys. With its high-quality video resolution and wide-angle lens, this dash cam ensures that every moment is captured accurately, allowing you to drive with confidence.


ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM (ADAS) – The dash cam is equipped with ADAS. Using the dynamic video camera technology, we ca n aim at the lane line when driving to realize the lane offset warning and the voice warning function of the collision with the vehicle in front.

HIGH-DEFINITION VIDEO RECORDING – This dash cam records in 720P HD resolution, delivering sharp and detailed footage of your journeys. It ensures that important details, such as license plates and road signs, are easily visible for reliable documentation.

ENHANCED NIGHT VISION – Equipped with advanced night vision technology, this dash cam captures clear and well-defined footage even in low-light conditions. Drive confidently during nighttime or in dimly lit environments with improved visibility.

140° WIDE ANGLE LENS – The wide-angle lens provides an expansive 140° field of view, ensuring a broad coverage of the road ahead. It captures a wider perspective, allowing you to monitor multiple lanes and crucial details, enhancing overall safety.

GPS WATERMARK – With the built-in GPS module, this dash cam adds a GPS watermark to your recorded footage. It accurately displays the time, date, and location information, providing valuable evidence in case of accidents or other incidents.


Sizes: 89*41*35mm

Color: Black


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