Active Enzyme Stain Remover


Active Enzyme Stain Remover

Introducing the power of active enzymes, the stain-fighting superheroes in your cleaning arsenal. These remarkable biological catalysts work tirelessly to break down and eliminate stubborn stains from your clothes, leaving them fresh and pristine. Harnessing the natural enzymatic properties, these active agents target specific stain molecules, penetrating deep into fabric fibers to dismantle even the toughest blemishes. Whether it’s food spills, grass stains, or the aftermath of an accidental mishap, these enzymes work like magic, efficiently breaking down the stain’s molecular structure and lifting it away.

Experience the transformative capabilities of active enzymes, bringing new life to your cherished garments and ensuring that no stain is too challenging to conquer. Say goodbye to stubborn marks and hello to revitalized clothing, all thanks to the remarkable power of active enzymes.


Powerful Stain Removal for All Fabrics

Our professional active enzyme cleaning formula effectively works on white, dark, and colored washable fabrics, tackling stains on dirty clothes and any other washable fabric with stubborn marks.

Effortless Laundry Transformation with Our Remover

Effortlessly remove stains with our laundry stain remover. Just a few drops, a quick swipe, and a 30-second wait is all it takes to restore your clothes to their original state. Say goodbye to worries about dirty laundry, especially for busy moms.

Advanced Deep Penetration Cleaning

Its advanced formula effectively breaks down grease molecules, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing any harm to the fabric tissue or compromising the vibrant colors of your garments. Experience the perfect balance between powerful cleaning and fabric care, leaving your clothes fresh, pristine, and beautifully colored after every wash.


Material: Active Enzyme

Net content: 120 ml

Product form: Liquid

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