8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Magic Saw


8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Magic Saw

Cut and fix things, effortlessly! Cut anything precisely and quickly with this 8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Magic Saw.

It’s easy to install any kind of saw blades that will fit to your needs. Convenient and safe that perfect to your workshop tools. 

Perfect for home repairs, and any professional work. No need to struggle to carry a more kinds of saw.

Multiple Purpose Tool
Interchangeable & multi-function tool that can cut anything such as woods, plastics, glass, rubber, ropes, ceramics, soft metals, and even stainless steel. 

Precise Cutting
Cut in different angles whether its an circular waves, or even arc cutting pattern with precision and high accuracy cutting for its modern

Premium Material
Made from high quality alloy metal that ensure the durability. The handle bar will not strain your hand after hours of usage. 


Material : Metal Alloy
Small Saw Blade : 15 x 2 cm
Large Saw Blade : 17 x 2 cm 


1x Magic Saw
7x Saw Blades 

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