7-Sec Quick Bonding Glue Set


7-Sec Quick Bonding Glue Set

Try 7-Sec Quick Bonding Glue set once, and we’re pretty sure you’ll stick with it! Fix and rebuilds made of metalhard plastic, glass and many more!
Filling and Reinforcing adhesive is designed to fix almost anything, forms and incredibly stronglong lasting, heat-resistant bond.


 Sets to a welded-strength hardness in only 7 seconds.
 Filling and reinforcing adhesive is design to fix and repair almost anything.
 Easy to shape and fix to fit any crack, hole, breaks, etc.
 Ideal for steel, wood, plastics, rubberaluminum, ceramics, carbon fiber etc.
 Forms incredibly stronglong-lasting, heat-resistant bond.


◾ Item Volume: 10ml
◾ Colors: Black, Grey
◾ Material Type: Repair Adhesive and powder


 Avoid eye contact. Do not get on skin or clothing.
◾ Avoid breathing of vapor. Use only with adequate ventilation.
◾ Do not swallow. Wash thoroughly after handling.
◾ Close container after each use.


◾ 1x adhesive and 1x powder of 7-Sec Quick Bonding Glue Set

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