3D Vivid Cat Bathroom Toilet Sticker


3D Vivid Cat Bathroom Toilet Sticker

This 3D Vivid Cat Bathroom Toilet Sticker is a funny in a creative way to decorate your homes.Whether in your toilet room, bedroom, living room, or playing room, they will surely catch an ample amount of attention.


  • Non-toxic, environment-friendly
  • Can be directly attached to the walls, ceramics, glass, window ,furniture, mirror, car, and any flat even smooth surfaces
  • Excellent adornment for your room
  • The perfect idea for pet lovers


  1. Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface. Peel the stickers from the sheet one by one.
  2. Position the adhesive on a plane surface without pressing them, so that you can withdraw them and reposition again, if needed.
  3. If the result is satisfactory for you, stick firmly to the surface pressing the air bubbles outwards.
  4. If you have bubbles,take a needle to bore them.


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