360 Minimalist Magnetic Clip-on Phone Holder


360 Minimalist Magnetic Clip-on Phone Holder

Free your hands while driving. 

For a lot of people, phone and GPS are essentials while driving the car. There are many phone mount holders in the market but no one can beat this 360 Minimalist Magnetic Clip-On Phone Holder.


360 Minimalist Magnetic Clip-On Phone Holder is a tiny but strong holder. Clip it on any surface, its powerful magnetic can steadily hold your phone, GPS, or mini-tablet in place even on a bumpy road. No damages would be caused to your phone or your car. Simply rotate to adjust to the best angle so you can see your screen safe at all time. When you don’t need the holder, you can simply fold it up and it won’t block your vision.


  • Single Hand Operation:
    This allows you to secure, adjust, and remove the mobile device with one hand.
  • Dashboard Clip:
    The clip can easily and securely hold the phone holder on and off the dashboard without causing any damages.
  • Strong magnetic:
    The powerful magnet holds your devices much more tightly than a common phone holder.
  • Foldable:
    When you don’t need the phone holder, you can hold it up and it won’t block your vision nor affect the appearance of the dashboard.
  • Membrane Protection:
    The protection film ensures the phone will not be scratched no matter which angle you’re placing the phone.
  • Silent:
    It sticks on the dashboard securely so no
  • 360 Rotatable:
    Provides you with infinite viewing angle. No more screw to adjust. Just pull, push, or turn.


  • Material: PC, liquid silicone, rare earth neodymium magnet
  • Colour: Blue/ Black
  • Size: 8cm x 7cm


  • 1x 360 Minimalist Magnetic Clip-On Phone Holder
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