3″ Mini Micro Tongue Drum


3″ Mini Micro Tongue Drum


  • ♫【Soothing Sounds】3 inches steel tongue drum is made of high-quality steel and features 6 tones,that offers quite a rich tone and excellent tuning. It is the Classical do re mi (c major scale no sharps or flats ).
  • ♫【Easy to Learn & Play】Lotus steel drum allows people without any music talent or knowledge make beautiful sounds. It is based on a pentonic scale,easy to make pleasing melodies on.And it can be beaten by hand or with drumsticks. Such a fun and easy instrument for all ages!
  • ♫【Anytime&Anywhere】Steel drum portable has a sealed bottom for loudness. Along with the silicone bottom, it has 3 silicone legs for extra shock absorption. If you want to put the drum on a table or another solid surface, the vibration won’t cause any foreign noises.
  • ♫【Various Purposes】Melodic Percussion Instrument sounds very ambient and ethereal- ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, self-cultivation, Zen, psychological therapy sessions, contemporary art performances, music enlightenment, religious activities and so on.


  • Product Name: Mini Steel Tongue Drum
  • Color: Sliver, Black, Gold
  • Material: Titanium Gold Steel
  • Type: 3 inch 6 tone
  • Size: 9.5*4cm/3.7*1.5in


  • 1* 3″ Mini Micro Tongue Drum
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